Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Start

Spring is here and has woken me up from my blogging siesta or maybe it's because now that I feel the house is starting to get to the point of organization I can actually sit down and write again! I also decided I wanted to switch to a more up to date blog space and hopefully easier to use site.
Life is as busy as always, between Elias recently starting a new job, and both of us helping with youth group and Joshua "exploring" as his world expands and an addition coming at the end of August. It seems as one thing settles down, another kind life upheaval happens upon us. God is faithful as these new challenges come, and I can never say life is "boring".

Our family joined a gym pretty recently which probably is one reason our life seems a little crazier as Elias and I both try to get to the gym and exercise. I've been enjoying the access to a pool again and Joshua is always excited to go swimming. It's great to go where we do since quite a few people we know go and we can go together.

Youth group has been really good, we're going through John Piper's "Whats the Difference" series on Manhood and Womanhood. It's been challenging as he really questions and challanges our thoughts and our thinking of what we really believe and how it plays out in our daily actions and life choices.

Joshua is getting big! 2 and a half yesterday and he's needing another haircut. It makes me a little wistful everytime I cut his hair, he always looks so grown up and these days he looks grown up without it, I'm scared to cut it...even if he DOES make him look a little scruffy hooligan. :)
I could go into his latest and greatest hobby of seeing how many ways of "not touching his poop" as he sits on the potty, he can come up with. But you may not want to reeaaallly know about all that.

Little un-named girl del Real is getting big and so am I....I'm amazed how much faster I'm showing this time around. Ahhh well. It's interesting how different I'm carrying #2 then I did with Joshua. Even with the clothes I had from last time, a lot don't fit right.

I guess I'll end here, hopefully the blog will be more interesting as I update more often now. :)

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