Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To the Children's Hospital we go...

Even though going to the hospital because your kid could have a fractured foot shouldn't be all together enjoyable, I will say it's probably the best trip to the ER you can get. Since Joshua wasn't miserable whatsoever and enjoyed being there too, I didn't feel so bad wishing I had my camera...but I didn't so I share with you a picture of the lobby of Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital from the web.

It turns out they couldn't see anything on the X-ray, but they think he could have cracked his growth plait which doesn't show up on an X-ray. So playing it safe, we decided to let them cast it to keep him off his foot ( which nothing else would).  So we have a follow up on Friday and we'll see if he needs a cast for 3-6 weeks. I hope not! If he does, I think I'll invest in this...
Cast Cover. At least we could go to the pool still.

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  1. ow! Poor little guy!! I hope he feels better soon! His new bed looks really cool. though. And I like your hospital's decor, very cool!


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