Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Shopping Climax so far...

We went to about 5 clothing stores in the mall and I found Joshua in the front display window 5 times...

Joshua and I were sitting across the table eating our "on an occasion" McDonalds and Brianna was in her carseat sporting a light pink bow in a colorful girly blanket with a pink "Bundle Me".
A lady across the way started cooing over Brianna saying how beautiful she was, then she looked up and asked Joshua how he liked his new sister. Joshua " Noooo, my baby brother". I never got a stare like that in my life, it was awesome. The lady stuttered " Is it, is it..." and I reassured her Joshua must have wanted and baby brother, because he had a sister. :)

Joshua ( While walking through any stores that had something interesting to him) " Mom, mom, can we bring it home...pleeeease?" and " So. Mom. How about [insert whatever item]".

In reality, it's not easy to go Christmas shopping with 2 kiddos....glad I can write a few highlights. :)

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