Friday, January 14, 2011

5 Months!

Lets skip 4 month pictures shall we.... :P Poor second borns... Oh well, life moves on.

My beautiful blue eyed baby turned 5 months the beginning of January. She is all smiles and trying to pop a tooth I think, it feels like the bump will soon bring forth a sharp pearly white. :) She can sit up a little on some surfaces, she's trying real hard to grow up I think. I'm enjoying her cuddles, she just loves to be held and kissed...which is good cause her cheeks asked to be kissed and her rolls asked to be hugged. She just loved Joshua, he specially makes her laugh and giggle. I think he secretly likes that she likes him, but he isn't sure about interacting with her as a person. She's been more like a live doll till more recently, he realizes she reacts to things he does. :) I love watching them interact, Joshua is more willing to talk and play with her while he thinks I'm not watching. Her hair is still " natural punk", God gave it to her! She's a long baby, she's pushing 6 months clothes LENGTH already.

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