Thursday, January 6, 2011

Off to Colombia we go...We hope!

Cali Colombia that is, just a little further away then Ohio. Alot of it is in the air, even though the trip is about 2 weeks away. We are pretty sure God wants us to go, so we are prepping and trusting things will fall into place. Brianna should soon be the owner of a passport. Our schedule is clear for the time we'll be there and...I'm planning on stopping in Fl with the 2 kiddies on the way home! Very excited.
God has provided great prices for tickets to do all this with.

I'm a little nervous at being surrounded by people all having fun in a language I don't understand. Nervouse about whats on the other end and how easy/difficult it will be traveling with kids out of country... I guess we'll se how it goes...

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