Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One way to keep clutter down...

There is a big up roar about not having toys in "Happy Meals" so it won't entice kids to want to eat at McDonalds. I think it THAT is dumb. Parents should be the decision maker if you do or don't go to a certain place. Kid's meal with a special toy should be...well, special,  NOT JUNKY! That if my main tiff with kid's meals in general. If it's suppose to be special and fun, why is it cheap and dumb? I usually throw the toys away with the rubbish, doesn't even come into my house. Now if Joshua actually cared about it, I'll let him bring it home, but in most cases he could care less about them. IF there is an occasion he is enjoying it, we do bring it home. Interest doesn't usually last long once we're home and definitely is gone by the end of the week. Throw it away, don't have a box full of junky toys, or have these annoying little plastic/paper things on the floor.
There is TWO places I think do kid's things well. First and foremost I appreciate Chic-Fil-A's emphasis on books, we keep those and Joshua LOVES them. Even when the "toy" is not a book they usually are a good idea and not annoying to receive.
The other place is Steak and Shake and their cool cardboard cars. Yes it is made out of cardboard, but they are very cool and actually can be brought home and played with ( Well for Joshua, lover of cars). When they do get torn up, you can recycle it easily.

There you have it, throw away dumb happy meal toys your kid doesn't play with. :)

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  1. As a proponent of a bare house, I seek to throw away most.


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