Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What DID Jesus Do?

What would Jesus Do.

I'm sure we've heard this cliche specially among Christian circles. It sounds great! This popular saying sprouted from the book In His Steps. It's not a bad book it does have a good point but something about this saying has bothered me and I never really could figure out what. Recently the thought came to my mind during a Bible study, maybe it's the wrong question. By asking this question to ourselves we will rarely get a good answer, I know it's happened that way many times. I DON'T know what Jesus would do when, lets say, faced with a purchase predicament. The daily decisions we have to make in this culture is very different then the daily decisions Jesus faced. Also as a woman, wife and mother, my life very different then a man who has no home, wife and children and is in a full time ministry. Not even to mention He was fully God.  By asking "What Would Jesus Do?" we get vague answers for our day to day tasks, BUT there is something Jesus DID that we ourselves should be doing every day. Jesus lived to please God the Father, everything He did was approved by God.
So maybe the better question to ask ourselves is, " Is this pleasing to God?" This question takes us away from cultural boundaries and brings us to our here and now.
Asking myself " Is this pleasing to God?" the pass few days has opened my eyes to HOW awful a few things I knew that aren't't great about myself and I always fall into, were in God's eyes. It's a steady reminder that my life ( yes, even the day to day chores), can be an act of worship to God. 

Is your life pleasing to God?

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