Monday, July 12, 2010

Rambling Thoughts

I haven't really had a good life and mind rambling on here lately. I'm sitting on my compfy bed with Joshua tucked in his bed ( though I hear him gargling...) and my dear hubby is downstairs getting me a bowl of ice cream in fact it's quite peaceful now. Though lately I feel lately like I have thousands of things I have to do but I can't quite remember any of them, it's quite a horrible feeling. I blame pregnancy. By the time I go to write what I'm suppose to do down, I either forget what I was going to write or I get distracted by remembering another thing I was suppose to do. Lets hope this changes once the baby comes.

I'm looking forward to this coming weekend! Hubby and I will enjoy a childless getaway to Erie before it's impossible to do during a year of breastfeeding after the baby comes. I expect to enjoy not doing much because Erie is a nice relaxing place to go. :) I wonder if the have a Starbucks or Steak and Shake....

I'll be having a Mid-Wife appointment tomorrow ( which is one of those SMALL things I forgot about till they called me and reminded me today.). Maybe the mid-wife can tell or give my a good guess what Brianna likes sticking out to cause my stomach look like an egg. Yes, my stomach is that white and yes it really does look like the pointy side of the egg. :)

My ice cream is here! Ciao!

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