Monday, August 9, 2010

A Trip Never to Forget

I've been to New Hampshire plenty of times. My Gram lives up there with many other relatives sprinkled through out New England ( both of my parents grew up there). This trip started out similar to the trips I've taken since getting married, driving through the night, getting there usually by breakfast and staying for a few days and then shooting back to Pittsburgh in time for the next day activities. I wasn't planning on going up this yr because Elias didn't have the days off then the thought dawned on me that a SISTER trip would be fun! Allison had stayed back this year. Unfortunately it could only be a half sister trip since Liz couldn't join us. So Allison and I started off on Allison's first long trip actually driving. Starting off about 9 on Weds night we drive through heat lightening and thunderstorms to arrive in Hudson, NH about 6:30 but driving into my Gram's driveway around 7 due to a wrong turn.
It was fun to drive up after 9.5/10 hrs of driving and get a astonished look from my dad who was the only one up at that point. We hadn't told them we were coming and he doesn't usually get to see the pleasure of our appearance at that time in the day.
It was great being able to get together with different extended family,  friends and just relaxing. I thought it was relaxing anyway, not relaxing enough...
On our way home we had much better weather, so rather uneventful, until my water broke. 4 hours or so away from Pittsburgh I had been napping and woke up and found I was wet. "That's embarrassing, to pee in my sleep???".  So when we stopped I got out and changed and took my turn at the wheel. I kept feeling like I was peeing but not needing to actually go! I thought I had lost all control over my bladder. Finally pulling into another gas station ( So ver thankful we were on 28 where we could just pull into a station),  I decided it wasn't pee, but actually amionic fluid ( which made me feel much better).  Allison took the news calmly and finished our trip to Pittsburgh. Thankfully we made it to Pittsburgh with no trouble.

Miss Brianna was born that night at 9:15pm, but thats a different story.

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