Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Pretty Black Eye

Looks real? Well Joshua did a good job for sure...

Today ( Though it was yesterday technically), didn't start off well whatsoever. I'm a deep sleeper, and abnormally deep this morning. I woke to Joshua stomping on my floor, no idea why till I get up and see he was splashing in the puddle he made with the humidifier water ( great...). Normally, when Joshua wakes up, he wakes me up. Normally Brianna will wake me up much earlier then she did. So not only was Joshua jumping in puddles this morning, I woke up 10 min before someone was going to be at my house....lovely. I rushed to get Joshua dressed ( meanwhile the baby decides right then she's hungry, not at the appropriate hour and a half earlier). I sit down and Joshua is in front of me with a big black circle under his eye. In utter astonishment and horror on how he could have gotten a black eye before I was even up, I called him over closer.

Ahhhh, it's not black, but purple...wait it's shiny silvery? Eyeshadow.... how he got a perfect circle under his eye with the perfect shade to look like that, no idea..

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  1. Ahaha oohhh Joshua.. xD That is hilarious =)


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