Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 Months!

My baby girl is already two months! She is getting more beautiful every day ( yes, I'm sure I'm biased). She loves being cuddled, something Joshua would have no part in when he was a baby. So I enjoy being able to just chill with her and cuddle.  She has been bursting into smiles the last week and a half, so it's no longer just "gas". :) I went and finally bought a ring sling, so excited to have it! It's wonderful to have an alternative to the car seat and stroller combo ( as much as I love the combi one I have). It's must easier to feel like I'm focused on Joshua while we're out, instead of focused on pushing the stroller.

We're slowly falling into a routine again ( kinda, sorta? :) ) I went swimming last week and it felt GREAT! So, I hope to do that once or twice again this week. We'll see. Joshua likes to help with Brianna and tries to interact with her. He likes it when I make her "talk" to him.  So we're doing pretty good here!
 Well some more Two Month pictures!


  1. AWWE, those are some cute pics--RUTH

  2. awww, too cute!!! I just love all her hair!


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