Sunday, October 10, 2010

Out to the ball game!

Joshua's first baseball game and our first and only one of the season. The Pirates even won for us! Now every time we drive pass PNC Park Joshua talks about the baseball game. He loved yelling to the guys in the out field to "catch the ball"! Haha, it was very cute. The temp really dropped that evening and I didn't know that till after we were already out, so it was nice of the Pirates ( as a company) to hand out Pirated snuggies to everyone. It was fun to watch as people gave in to wearing them in phases. First it was the ladies who didn't care about looking stupid, as long as they were comfortable. Then all the kids started playing with them and making capes and blankets. As the temp kept dropping the rest of the ladies who didn't have jackets put them on. Then finally some of the guys gave in...and even some macho guys gave in! :)

I love these pictures of Joshua!
An almost family picture, was kinda hard to take a "self portrait" and get the baby in.

Nothing like your first nachos and cheese at a baseball game!


  1. I want a snuggie so bad! It looks like a bunch of fun! Chloe definitely couldn't sit for that.... but I'm excited for when she is--- when they both are :)

  2. Joshua loved it! He's pretty good sitter. :) Want one? It'll be Pirates, haha! We have like 4....we def don't need/ever use 4...


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