Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colombia, The first time around...

THREE Generations!

If I had to summarize our Colombia trip, I would say it was refreshing and eye opening. Having a dish of freshly cut of AMAZING mango set on the table almost every morning for breakfast, was refreshing ( and amazing). Being able to meet so many of Elias' extended family ( and his root culture) was eye opening.
There are so many things I'm thankful for that made this trip amazing. I was nervous about our short layovers between flights going down. With 2 kids and JFK being one of the airports, a hr and a half is a little short to eat and do the potty thing AND get to our gate. We get off from our Pitt-JFK flight and we discover our next gate was across from our arriving gate. :)
When we arrived in Bogota, they just let families skip to the front of all 3(4) of the security lines. God really worked things out for us, it was wonderful!
I'm really grateful Elias has an uncle in Bogota. His family came and picked us up from the airport and brought us to a very cozy hotel/suite they found for us to stay at. Also arranging van transportation through out the trip, from getting to the airports or traveling to the Abuelo's from the airport.
I was able to relax and know we were well taken care of!

A lot of the trip was basically a family reunion, so we didn't do too much sight seeing this time, which was fine. Birthday and family was why we went down and with Brianna being so little still, I was glad not to have to travel around too much. I did wrestle with motion sickness from all the crazy traffic. Lets just say lanes are optional but the car horn isn't. :) The stop and go motion is always the worse for me, but we bought some motion sickness pills and that helped A LOT.

I definitly want to bring more shopping money with me next time, Lots and lots of things to pick from...and cheaper, for my American dollar anyway.

I never got around to photographing all the strange looking fruit they had in Cali. I mean REALLY strange looking, but all very yummy! Lulo ( no idea how to spell it), became a new favorite. It's a common fruit they use for juicing. It looks kind of like a tangerine with little hairs. You cut it open and the flesh is greenish gel ( probably why they juice it a lot of times). So when you pour a cup of lulo juice, it's green and I personally think it taste like really sweet strawberries! YUUUM!

I loved the food down there in general, I even tried some black beans and I liked them! They don't eat spicy which suited me perfectly. Tastiness!

Joshua was a hit with all his new found cousins and aunts and uncles, but when is he not a hit? The elevator in the house was a hit with Joshua as you can imagine. Because the house is built up, the elevator helps Elias' grandparents to get around. It really was a neat house. It was kind of designed like several apartments together, but it still felt like one home. Lots of room for visitors, which I was grateful for. There is a pool....but it's REALLY cold. Buildings block all the sunlight that might have warmed it up.  The pool was cold, so I hung out on the hamocks by the pool a lot. Cali had perfect weather, the warm breeze was almost always blowing. Ahhhhh.

Well I guess I should at least post this much. :) My photo album will have to probably tell the rest of the story. :)


  1. Sounds like you all had a blast!! So happy that you were able to go!


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