Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jan/Feb 2011 House challenge

It's probably not a surprise to anyone who knows me pretty well and has been in our apartment, that I struggle with keeping on top of housework and other similar things. New year resolutions are usually so vague I excuse myself out of them. So I decided monthly goals would work better and it did! I combined Jan and Feb because of my 3 weeks of vacationing.
The goal for January and February, was simply to keep the kitchen, dining room and living room neat. :) As we near the end of February,  I think I've done extremely well with this, even among packing for an international trip! It's so freeing to do a few dishes and be done and to be free to tackle another part of the house.
March I'll be tackling the upstairs catch all, otherwise known as our bedroom. :) Really the biggest problem is getting the laundry actually PUT AWAY. I do it, I fold it and then I have piles of clean clothes on the bed when it's time to sleep. Gotta come up with a better system.

 Last year I did pretty well with my new year resolution which was to " Simplify Life", getting rid of stuff. I was starting to feel sufficated by clutter that didn't have a home. So last year, I did pretty well, but hopefully this month to month focus will help me get into a routine of keeping things neat. :)

My momma always said "Everything should have a home." Good advice.

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