Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Gospel Encounter

"Mom, mom! Look it's the "special!""  Joshua holds up these....

("Special" is defined as communion juice and cracker, in this case just the juice, aka red blocks.)
"Joshua, do you know why we drink the special?"
It was an amazing opportunity to present the gospel to Joshua, just a normal day with it's up and downs. It makes me ask myself, have I missed other opportunities to teach Joshua about God? Have these opportunities been drowned in the up and downs of a normal day? I'm sure I have. This makes me thankful that I find God's grace in my parenting. He gives us ample of opportunity to love and teach our children on a daily basis, but we must still take hold of them and use them. It is not the Sunday school teacher's job to be the main teacher of God's love, though Sunday school is a wonderful thing, our children should see Christ in our life and learn about him everyday.

 Joshua is learning and watching every day, even at church while we take communion.
Joshua handed me one of the "specials" and after I told him WHY we drank the "special", he lifted up the "special" and said "Lets all drink this together"...

Our children are watching...

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