Friday, April 1, 2011

March Madness

March madness has been residing in our house this past month, but not in the form of basketball. :)
I changed my plans from tackling my bedroom to tackling the "guest room".  Since we were going to have a friend come stay with us, I thought maybe he would like to be able to walk in the room. :) I did pretty good, most everything is off the floor, but I have to organize the stuff that was put away in a rather disorderly fashion. It IS nice to be able to sit at my little purple desk/ craft table again. My computer can live downstairs again in a usable spot, instead of next to my bed which is waaaaay toooo accessible for me.
I also did tackle my wonderful walk in closet, my husband was amazed at how roomy it was in there. Getting that organize will help me move on to tackling the rest of the bedroom ( which I have been nipping at here and there).  So April I'll focus back on my bedroom and maybe actually get around to DONATE stuff to Goodwill, not just weed it out. :P

Still keeping up with dishes and the livingroom! In general. :-D

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