Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 Week!

I can't believe it's been over a week since Brianna made her appearance...time has dissappeared in my mind and life. Where nursing is every 2 or 3 hours around the clock time has a way of not mattering. Ah but it's worth it! Everything is going really well, I'm so thankful that nursing is soooo much easier then last time, I guess I'm a pro at it and Brianna isn't as voracious of an eater as Joshua was.
Here are a few of my fav pics from the last week, or really the first week. :)


  1. She's my preeeecious!!

  2. Sooooo beautiful!!! I read your posts below too! Wow! That's great how smoothly it went for how, um, crazy it could have been!

    Ok, and I know you are probably getting this a lot, but is it possible that you were further along than you thought?? She just looks sooooo good and big for being a month early!!! Many pregnant women in the world probably hate you for "cheating" :)

  3. Hola sobrino:
    Que lindos tus ninos... What beautiful precious children... Y tu te ves tan feliz...
    God bless them and protect them always...
    Many kisses and hugs...
    Tia Marlene... :)

  4. @ Christine- Um yes, they think she was miscalculated probably about a week or two off. They always thought the conception date was odd, BUT I had a full blown period before it, so what else could I have told them? She's here nice and healthy too! Since she decided to come early and healthy, I am sooo very thankful not to have a pregnant August in front of me! So be jealous, :) Well not YOU cause you aren't pregnant.

    I'm a bit lucky not to have contractions start in the car... I was totally undialted when I got to the hospital, but that changed pretty quick. Maybe I should have wrote on your wall on facebook instead...

  5. @ Tia Marlene- Gracious! That's as far as my spanish goes I'm afraid. :P


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