Monday, August 9, 2010

Labor Day in August?

Well Miss Brianna was due Sept 3rd...basically Labor Day weekend and I've been kidding about it all my pregnancy. Well Labor Day came early, Brianna Raquel made her appearance AUGUST 2nd, almost exactly a month before she was expected.
I left off with my water breaking on my way home from New Hampshire with Allison and Joshua in the back. Thankfully contractions hadn't started and I was able to plan a little bit with Elias over the phone, instead of huffing and puffing through contractions.  Arriving in Pittsburgh, I stayed in the car while Allison swapped Elias the driver's seat and she went into our house with Joshua. I felt sorry for Joshua, traveling all night then being whisked into the house while Daddy and mommy go driving off and not seeing them all day. Yup all day, I didn't have Brianna till that night even if my water did break in the morning. I had been planning on having the baby at the Mid-wife center down in the strip district but because she was under 37 weeks they wanted me at the ho```spital just in case she wasn't really ready. I am thankful that the hospital expirience was pleasant ( aside from not allowing you to eat while in labor...even when you barely have contractions).  I now  have two very, very different birth stories though both are good. I think having Brianna in the hospital has given me a more balanced view of hospital vs home/birth center births.

I ended up being given pitocin, 12 hours after my water broke my contractions still didn't really pick up. Finally at 9:17 pm Brianna appeared, coming out as the mid-wife said "sunny-side up". Basically posterier but turned to the side a little. Which makes the final pushing whoopiedoo longer then needed. She's here anyway and I think she's BEAUTIFUL! I'm also enjoying the last bit of summer...UNPREGNANT! I'm also excited I'll be able to go apple picking this fall and enjoy it. :)

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