Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to Windowsill Farm

Well I've taken the plunge....I bought a lavender plant. I've decided the best way for me to take on gardening is to immerse myself with one plant at a time. I decided lavender was the way to start off.

That's my plant, Elias bought two plants that he has to oversee. I told him if I  touched them, they may die. So we have a basil and cilantro plant also.
I've hesitated to buy herbs and such, because I have never been able to keep a potted plant a live, not even a fully bloomed flower. So we shall see, I shall be a lavender geek by the end of the month!

I really like lavender because you can harvest and dry it to bake or use it for pretty smelling things. I'm looking forward to attempting to make a lavender oil!

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